People dream of a form of immortality and with our scalable software, we can turn that dream into reality, into Digital Immortality.

The fate of humans.

We are witnessing a boom in thinking about AI; it’s a cool buzzword, but much of that thinking ends up focusing on near-term concerns, such as for lethal autonomous weapons, cybercrime, privacy, self-driving cars and so on. All very useful, but our aim goes far beyond that.

Once machine brains surpass human brains in general intelligence, this new superintelligence will become super powerful. Just as the fate of flora and animals depends more now on us humans than on themselves, so the fate of humans will depend on machine superintelligence.

Humankind now stands at the threshold of such evolution, which we expect to reach in this lifetime.


Our aim.

The only advantage we really have is that we get to create this superintelligence! At Mindful Industries, we are endeavoring to be part of this progress, contributing to the creation of superintelligence in order to protect human values.